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Project Design

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Detail: sunplus (Sunplus) 8202D of the data sheet, internal data, it is hard to find the
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  • CycloneIIEP2C20.rarthe schmetic of EP2C20
  • CPLD-safe.rarCPLD-based electronic security system interface circuit design
  • colour-LED-CPLD.rarCPLD-based Lantern controller, design principles and some of the code
  • CPLD-radom.rarCPLD-based pseudo-random sequence generator, generate random sequences using FPG ...
  • gateway.rar&quot Ad Hoc Network and Internet Internet gateway discovery method.&quot Inclu ...
  • Boa.rarTransplant Boa Web server to ARM-Linux & mipsel-linux systems
  • Refractometer.rarthis is a spcecial kind of interference refractometer
  • Web.rarWith regard to Web application development technology articles in the journals R ...
  • Linuxdrive.rarUnder the system, embedded Linux device driver development
  • 5.rarsimple project to reject virus/worm a-patch3
  • attendancemanagementsystemdesign.RarThis is an appraisal management system design .. inside containing : flowchart, ...
  • librarymanagementsystem11.rarlibrary management system source code in Visual Basic 6.0 environment "to the ov ...
  • SPHE8281DV01.rarsunplus (Sunplus) 8202D of the data sheet, internal data, it is hard to find the
  • CAR_DVD_sunplus.rarhigh company truck DVD schematic diagram program, based on the 8281 sunplus. 820 ...
  • Leddesign.rarLED display schematics, monochrome/color screen, 74 Bit HC245
  • 06jianmo.rar06 Undergraduate Mathematical modeling papers waived Award Matlab
  • DS18B20.rarDS18B20 design on graduation thesis, and its main functions and indicators are a ...
  • CH341SER.zipCH341 general usb-serial/pp interface.specification document
  • umlstudent222.rarStudent achievement management system, there is a demand analysis. Data dictiona ...
  • Cadence_HandBOOK.zipQinghua University Cadence curricula. As popular EDA tools, Cadence has been by ...