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  • [SQL Server] bris4.rarBus transfer sql query to achieve the original file and code. A little reference ...
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  • [WinSock-NDIS] index.rarliarbry system
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  • [Database system] doc.rarMainly about how to obtain the database password for some files, very detailed
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  • [Database system] xuanke.rarStudent elective system, use SQL to implement functions is very powerful, those ...
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  • [Database system] db.rarStudent elective use of a database management system to achieve the design and i ...
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  • [SQL Server] sql.rarsql
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  • [SQL Server] VideoIntroductionToHQL.zipvidéo introduction pour les requêtes SQL HQL Hibernate
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  • [xml-soap-webservice] xml.zipbased learning xml_ fully manual based learning xml_ fully manual
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  • [SQL Server] Pager_Procedure.rarpager procedure, get the current page by pageindex
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  • [OpenGL program] silverlight.rarSummary of silverlight to access the database, silverlight access the database s ...
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  • [Other Databases] banchenpin.rarSystem of semi-finished book, you can learn from research, the system is pretty ...
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  • [SQL Server] QueryOptimizer.rarQuery Optimizer SQL 2000, index of sample, are good examples, there are a lot of ...
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  • [software engineering] BABsql.zipexpalination about sql langguage
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  • [WEB(ASP,PHP,...)] LINQgb.rarlinq message
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  • [Windows Develop] oracle.zipLog-line test oracle
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