ICQ-IM-Chat source code download

  • [PHP] sendMsg.rarsend message of warning
    Upload User: wanhao126 Upload Date: 2019-05-08 File Size: 7k Downloads: 5
  • [Visual C++] HVTwoCamSnap.rarDaheng Imavision HV Camera two Snap
    Upload User: kelland5 Upload Date: 2019-05-03 File Size: 178k Downloads: 68
  • [Visual C++] Chat.rarProcedures for the preparation of the network, through the Socket and TCP to ach ...
    Upload User: cbnivw Upload Date: 2019-04-28 File Size: 9k Downloads: 4
  • [ASP/ASPX] liaotianshi.rarvery good!
    Upload User: shtxchd Upload Date: 2019-04-08 File Size: 223k Downloads: 2
  • [Visual C++] testbese-Source-2.0.rarMyICQ should I go to school and the work of the idle time for the preparation, d ...
    Upload User: soma668 Upload Date: 2019-03-27 File Size: 3239k Downloads: 19
  • [Visual C++] MSN-for-vc.rarLanguage: c++ Tools: vc Function: complete duplication of msn interface
    Upload User: chendi212 Upload Date: 2019-03-26 File Size: 2k Downloads: 16
  • [Java/JSP] IntranetChatting.zip This Project Entitled as ‘INTRANET CHATTING’ is used basically for chatting p ...
    Upload User: develop Upload Date: 2019-03-22 File Size: 835k Downloads: 8
  • [Visual C++] NetwOrk-Messenger.rarNetwOrk Messenger,仿qq界面源代码
    Upload User: wangmead Upload Date: 2019-03-14 File Size: 1823k Downloads: 29
  • [C#] 2008082871848393_MyQQ.rarC# imitate qq process, functional
    Upload User: yanfaled Upload Date: 2019-03-11 File Size: 2420k Downloads: 57
  • [C#] net2.rarCSharp net 2.0 source instant messaging client server
    Upload User: szrdcy Upload Date: 2019-03-09 File Size: 4976k Downloads: 104
  • [Visual C++] chattingrom2345.rarWith file downloads, chat rooms, including client and server side. Can be achiev ...
    Upload User: he75757 Upload Date: 2019-03-06 File Size: 6484k Downloads: 11
  • [C/C++] multichat.zipprogram for multichat
    Upload User: hbszmy Upload Date: 2019-02-25 File Size: 7k Downloads: 3
  • [C#] KHMessage.rarLAN text chat software, there is no registration, direct input server address, p ...
    Upload User: m6651768 Upload Date: 2019-02-20 File Size: 126k Downloads: 6
  • [Java/JSP] test.rarjava socket client
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  • [Visual C++] LanTalk_src.zipchat programming client to server
    Upload User: jeffrey Upload Date: 2019-02-13 File Size: 65k Downloads: 4