• [Visual C++] MTK7.rarUnlock all! MTK mobile phone batteries for all! All GM chipset can!
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  • [Visual C++] MT.rarReading font software! Very good read with the MTK software tools you can see!
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  • [Visual C++] Trace.zipMTK software tracking tool, do not know if you have not, the exhibitions
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  • [PDF] MTK_6219.rarMT6219 reference circuit, there is a more detailed description of this CPU
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  • [C/C++] MTK6227.rarMTK6227 information for enthusiasts in the study and exchange with MTK
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  • [C/C++] MTK1.rarMTK phones some of the information, I hope people like useful
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  • [C/C++] MTK.rarMTK most comprehensive information. MTK definitely good for learning
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  • [C/C++] FlashTool_v3.1.05.raFlashTool_v3.1.05, for the burn-in tool for MTK
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  • [Windows_Unix] FMTK_1.2.rarThis is program goood doood
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  • [PDF] MTK_Production_platform.rarProduction platform MTK software documentation manual pdf (internal data)
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  • [PDF] MTK_Device_Driver_2007.rarMTK device driver software development documentation and manuals
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  • [C/C++] MTKinsideguide.rarMTK reference materials program development, RD internal sale, has the support o ...
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  • [Visual C++] mmi.rarmmi examples of training curricula
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  • [Java] JAMPack.rarJAMPACK Grid programming
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  • [C/C++] block.rarMTK platform available for transplant use of Tetris game
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