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Upload Date: 2008-07-16
Package size: 2211k
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Category: WEB(ASP,PHP...)
Development Platform: Others

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Detail: The user interface is perfect Chinese , including the restoration of the original errors in the localization and the js script and UBB Editor not finished English (Manage part or in English ) (2) need to repair the original review published in the topic of when or from outside of the home page to enter login page URLRewrite positioning error can not find resources Bug 3 repair the original script in FlatEarth JavaScript error under the skin of the Bug 4 allows the browser to add the URL displayed to add custom prefix , for example , the original page in the URL prefix for all can only yaf_,  Modified version can be set in web.config appSetting ["PagePrefix"] and replace regular expression URLRewrite all yaf_ custom prefix  Such as the modified version of the default 5jbb_ 5 . New allows you to customize all of the RSS in the introduction and copyright information , the original is the original program is for fixed profiles and copyright information  Only need to set the web.config appSetting ["RSSDesc"] and appSetting ["RSSCopyright"] 6 . New Cookie-based automatic memory when the last user to leave the site to start a forum categories , fold information 7 new forum allows you to set the default fold classification , only need to set the web.config appSetting ["DefaultCollapsedForumCategories"] the value  Forum for the classification of a comma-separated ID values ​​( values ​​between commas and ID with spaces can not ) 8 for the registration page , login page , post / topic page and reply to topics modified to increase the random validation code page
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