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Detail: Wind attendant Guestbook V3.2 released, Ha ha! To segment opening. This version seems to have been waiting for a long time, no matter what netizens, or myself, to see if the previous version, or December 8, 2008, and has been a full year without how updated. Think of last year while still in Wuhan, this year they are in Xi an, state of mind is different from the state of nature is also different. Has been saying that to be updated November 30 was finally time to finally release a small-scale revision, large functions and framework did not change much, but should the needs of several blogs, as well as release from the last year, collected suggestions and comments made to enhance the roles accordingly. Major increase V3.2 features: 1, message auditing and non-audit sub- 2, the system set up which have been reviewed and items added, as well as keywords, site description, registration number, third-party functions such as statistical code 3, page do SEO optimization Manage