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Upload Date: 2013-08-23
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Category: Com Port
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: the integrity of the source code, including comments and development log. Reportedly worth 50,000 yuan!
  • COM0portdriver.rarCOM0 I think are the PC-side driver for RS232 communication
  • Myscope.rarObserving serial port used to send the data! Beginners to do the bad!
  • HT1621.rarHT1621 for lcd driver
  • tongxin.rarVC with the single-chip serial communication between the top, something useful t ...
  • vb.rarvb serial port using MSCOMM
  • crc8.rarCRC Checksum
  • terminal.rarHyperTerminal program to test serial port of a program source
  • PC-PC-232.rarThis is a 232 serial routines, suitable for beginners to learn
  • Release20090225.rarShow carriageway is Mitsubishi PLC control automatically the movement of large-s ...
  • SmsTest1.rarSerial cell phone to send and receive short message procedure, very complete cod ...