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Detail: 新手必看- VOIP training materials basis for the evolution of knowledge and technology articles
  • h248.rarerr
  • iax_0.2.2.orig.tar.gzIAX protocol Source Code, for VoIP network product development and individual de ...
  • G726_Eval.zipHigh performance PC on the G726, the attention is the evaluation version.
  • VSession_MultiCast.rarerr
  • s.rar114 telephone calls with the C++ Achieved more concern please
  • Talk.rarConference call the procedure, it is worth Favorites
  • receivertp.rarrtp receive the full version of the client wishes to all useful
  • test61110.rarConferencing systems to control the source code. Matrix, AV equipment. Lighting ...
  • anpai.rarProcedures to achieve the organization of the session would also like to write 2 ...
  • QHelloWorld(HangupCall).rarThe examples demonstrate how to hang receive phone calls features