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Detail: "Visual C digital image acquisition, processing and Practice" YANG Zhi Ling Wang Kai edited. Contents : Chapter 4 Image Enhancement (contrast enhancement, gray transform, histogram dressing, image smoothing, sharpening, Pseudo-color and false color enhancement); Chapter 5 of Image Restoration (inverse filter rehabilitation, Wiener filtering method); Chapter 6 of image processing orthogonal transformation (Fourier transform, discrete cosine transform (DCT), the Walsh transform, Based on the eigenvectors of transformation, Hotelling (Hotelling) transform, SVD transform, wavelet transform, Mallat algorithm); Chapter 7 Image Coding (Hoffman (Huffman) coding, arithmetic coding, RIc (Run Length Coding), the bit-plane coding, predictive coding, DPCM. JPEG 2000 encoding); Chapter 8 Image