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Upload Date: 2007-01-09
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Category: USB develop
Development Platform: Visual Basic
Detail: The example of communication of usb in vb
  • USB_CDC_HID_IAD_10.zipUSB CDC and HID composite unit.
  • MP3.rarHard disk MP3 player source code, support usb download documents, the effectiven ...
  • testApp.rarCY7C68013 chip USB2.0 speed test, VC-end test applications
  • RDSDK11_WIN.ziprelease, source, used to upload images from canon via usb
  • ezusbdrv.rarusb driver source code, the compiler can be directly applicable to support the d ...
  • USB_Spec20.rarUSB protocol 2.0, USB2.0 standard protocol, the English version
  • usb_20_specification.zipUSB 2.0 Protocol Specification complete description of the document, the English ...
  • USBPort.rarThis procedure demonstrates how to use the preparation of high-level application ...
  • Usb_Driver.rarUSB drive, Usb_Driver very use of
  • USB2.0develop.rarUSB2.0 data in the source code development, including circuit diagrams, etc.