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Upload Date: 2007-01-09
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Category: USB develop
Development Platform: Visual Basic
Detail: The example of communication of usb in vb
  • usb.rarADS development environment to write a program to make PC-box with the experimen ...
  • bulk_ex.zipSTMicroelectronics STR710, USB sample code, analog U disk
  • STLink.rarWINDOWS environment EK_STM32F development board under the USB drivers
  • s3c2443_usb_mon.zipS3C2443 the USB drivers, a more detailed
  • USB_Device_driver.zipThis paper introduces the USB device Bulk mode driver design. The design using F ...
  • usb.rarusb driver windows of the preparation, prepared by DDK
  • TX-1C-usbdriver.rar郭天祥TX-1C of USB development board the original code, there are driver files, ...
  • USB_jiekoubiancheng.rarUsb programming source is given, more detailed, and easy to read
  • usb2.0.rarIntroduced USB2.0 information, I think is very good, recommend you!
  • USB_ISO.zipUSB Interface Driver, ISO mode, windows DDK prepared