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  • src.rarJPEG decode source code
  • mpfr.zipanother fourier transform source code
  • 2006.rarSupermarket inventory management system can achieve a very good supermarket ware ...
  • Decoded_ToWave.rarG711 G729decode and to write .wav file
  • pb.rarpb源码下载,管理系统,有很多对象和函数编写
  • eda.rarProcedures for the preparation of a stopwatch, you can download after decompress ...
  • ResMaker.rarGame resource file, packaged programs, the program is relatively simple, but it ...
  • Huffmancompressionanddecompression.rarHuffman compression and decompression, and can document (such as. Txt,. Doc) for ...
  • Space-Time-Trellis-Code.rarThe program achieved using matlab to graphic images of the Space-Time-Trellis-Co ...
  • hash.rarMFC