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Upload Date: 2014-04-03
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Category: Windows CE
Development Platform: C/C++
Detail: wince under the well-known video player source, tcp-mp, support multiple formats of video audio and picture, powerful
  • TCPClient.rarTransplanted to the tcpClient ARM9 code, can be used directly evc4 compile,
  • imageArm.rarMicrosoft Windows CE and Arm environment image decoding and display program for ...
  • MP3DecDll.rarwince under windows and under the MP3 decoding process
  • WMCOPYServer.zipwince processes using WM_COPY impart information service client program source c ...
  • WMCOPYClient.zipwince processes impart information of use WM_COPY client program source code.
  • a_Registry1577564212003.zipThis document how to EVC in c++ On the registry s operation.
  • BATT.rarwince battery power management documentation wince battery power management docu ...
  • smdk2410.rarSMDK2410 BSP, Samsung chips BSP, Add to Platform builder 4.2
  • WindowsCEdriverdevelopmentbase.rarwindows ce driver development foundation
  • WinCE-OS.rarCalculated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences WinCE OS Core Series training mate ...