Upload User: zhongyue
Upload Date: 2007-01-28
Package size: 14k
Downloads: 24
Category: Email Client
Development Platform: C#
Detail: pop3 controls
  • MailBomb.zipa mail bomb on the source code, support what! !
  • JMailreceive.zipjmail produced using mail acceptance procedure can download Annex
  • eamil.rarC# development of an e-mail senders also good
  • JabberClient1.rarThis is a simple e-mail sent to the client code, but not enough integrity can be ...
  • vcmail.rarwith VC-mail sent, so that more procedures, mail delivery
  • yjsf.rarmail procedures to receive and send e-mail and attachments, and realize offline ...
  • MailExamples.zipa mail procedures, source simple and reliable. Which contains the text of this a ...
  • LUSMTP.rarSMTP sender01 simple mail transfer transmitter.
  • QRecvMail.rarown prepared by the mail system can be selected its own mail server, and related ...
  • Mail1Agent11.rarmail agents, by setting SMTP server, POP3 server, it can be, or e-mail, can send ...