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Category: Audio program
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: mid audio players. Rar
  • wave.ZIPwav mixer can add a maximum eight wav file 8, the wrong bar
  • miniplayer.rarA similar windows player multimedia player, can play freely. MP3 file format
  • waveletprocedure.rarThere are a number of image compression process, I believe would be helpful to e ...
  • waveletillustration.rarWavelet part explain, it is easy to understand, we can facie
  • liftwave.rarWavelet Lifting algorithm, for your reference only. . . Common
  • mute.zipaudio mute functional design
  • api.rartoggle effects
  • 35738632Skin++crake.rarChinese POS Tagging subroutine first step, the text will be tested by adding par ...
  • MediaplayeronJAVA.rarThis is a music player media player features include playback loop, and stop
  • sxbxshOWw.rarIntroduced a waveform display examples of the implementation, it is suitable for ...