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Category: Audio program
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: mid audio players. Rar
  • sound.rarExamples of voice signal processing. The basic signal processing, denoising, you ...
  • speex-1.1.12.rarspeex speex-1.1.12.rar
  • Wiener_denoise.rarThe use of language as a matlab program to eliminate the voice of noise to the c ...
  • src.zipwav convert mp3 tool, but not distortion, is a conversion of the good things
  • CSwave.rara wave recorder developed by C#
  • Multi.rarMulti Symbian S60 3rd version of the multi-view framework source code
  • Recording.zipVery Simple Recording and Playback for iPhone. Its very easy than SpeakHere code ...
  • dts.zipDTS bitstream analysis for high-fidelity audio playback
  • DSPProjectFilteringNoise.rarThis is a Digital Signal Processing project that filter a courrupted signal by b ...
  • WAVETOPCM.rarWAV file format and from the WAVE file to extract PCM data procedures, this is t ...