Upload User: xhy777
Upload Date: 2007-02-14
Package size: 24088k
Downloads: 91
Category: Windows Kernel
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: include source of applets,browseinfo,browseui,comctl32,comdlg32,cpl,hhctrl,explorer,iexplore,scrnsave,shdocvw,shell32,shlwapi
  • Function reader of DLL V2.0.rar Function reader V2.0 of DLL can see the ground function of the derivation in dll ...
  • mem_collector.tar.z The memory trash collection procedure, reorganizes the memory fragment, raises ...
  • share_mem.zipThe example of using sharing memory to communication between Client and Server
  • The demonstration registers this machine user information and the shared resour ...
  • regmonsrc.zipMonitoring the registrys change, and the registry used by file
  • At the same time the deletion document completely eliminates the document conte ...
  • Obtains CPU the information
  • processcommunicationvc.rarvc do an inter-process communication procedures, including shared memory, messag ...
  • Writes the NT service routine the pattern plate class
  • filemon.zipMonitoring the access of file