Upload User: simon519
Upload Date: 2013-05-02
Package size: 248k
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Category: Hook api
Development Platform: Delphi
Detail: mouse news hook, using Delphi7.0 programming, including source code!
  • HookAPISite launch intercepted and replacement of Win32 API development kit HookAPI sou ...
  • apihook_Code.zipA DLL file by modifying the IAT table to achieve the hook development kit source
  • doc01.zipDocument about screen word capturing
  • An interception replaces the api function the procedure, contains 95 and the NT ...
  • mousHook.zipThe source of mouse Hook
  • Under a NT screen takes the word procedure the source code
  • keymouse.zipThe source to smimulate keyboard and mouse input
  • An exciting self-made window title (caption) procedure source code. Certainly h ...
  • An establishment system clasp example
  • HookAPI1.63_Demo.rarHookAPI 1.63 demo