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Category: Special Effects
Development Platform: C/C++
Detail: 24 true color conversion eight gray-scale image, we do right image processing may be used
  • CBmpP.rarThis program implements the quantization, DCT, FDCT transform.
  • im_MSfilter.rarMean Shift Based on the process of image segmentation is the first to use the im ...
  • DIP(code).rarA rather wide of the VC++ image processing source code, most operations can be c ...
  • cutpoly.rarOptimal convex polygon triangulation of vc++ to achieve.
  • PSNR.rarcalculate PSNR between frame to frame in one video sequence
  • JPEG_encoder_and_decoder.rarcreate JPEG encoder and decoder
  • tuxiangchulixitong.rarTo a variety of image processing, is described in detail. Annotated source code.
  • Equalization.rarToday was just a function of histogram equalization. Am very clear, simple and p ...
  • 2008172870.rarThis paper describes a fingerprint recognition algorithm technologies, including ...
  • dsp.rarIn digital signal processing, filtering an extremely important position. Digital ...