Upload User: cnhose
Upload Date: 2013-08-08
Package size: 592k
Downloads: 15
Category: Game Program
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: the game were several categories, codeguru including downloaded from the two categories CCreditStatic and CHyper Link. I addendum to the code mainly on CSuperColumnDlg.cpp document, A total of around 3,000 firms, we look at my code may feel a little longer, indeed, I think a little longer. This is mainly because I have prepared this process is too fragmented, a series today. re-allocation for tomorrow (I would like going back to square one now). The other procedures done to perfect some, in some places, not really deleted. For instance, the painting-like character LCD and ordinary fonts, deletes 300 firms around the code, but the results will be poor more.
This package does not include any code with text format which can display in web page, please download the package.
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