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Category: AI-NN-PR
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: PSO algorithm source code, has very good notes, use of C++ to prepare.
  • MyMSN.rarmsnsharp, msn robot source code, with features such as node information hair
  • PathFinder.rarAn A* algorithm-based routing category. Full C++ implementation.
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  • Designing_AMR.rarUniversity of Oxford are a big cow Writing original books, described in detail t ...
  • EM_GM.rarEM algorithm for k multidimensional Gaussian mixture estimation
  • AI_CrossRiver.rarProduction of artificial intelligence course as a part of experimental design: T ...
  • PSO_VB.rarBasic particle swarm optimizer code
  • Onr.rarFigure to identify the neural network method, the application of a more classic
  • shenjingwangluo1.zipRelated to the content of neural network algorithm to achieve the basic neural n ...
  • yichuansuanf.rarUsing C language implementation of genetic algorithm, the algorithm is simple an ...