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Upload Date: 2016-05-09
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Category: AI-NN-PR
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: PSO algorithm source code, has very good notes, use of C++ to prepare.
  • GA.rarOn the genetic algorithm GA, the basic algorithm of C code
  • saolei.rar20* 20 in a map, and the distribution of the 81 mines, mine-clearing robot walk ...
  • a_al.rarNine-palace plan A* algorithm. Higher Education Publishing House based on artifi ...
  • no_aid.rarNine-palace plans blindly scanning algorithm, artificial intelligence, in order ...
  • depart.rarIncluding Bayes classifier, a linear classifier, non-linear classifier, such as ...
  • Genetic_Algorithm_new.rarGenetic_Algorithm_new
  • Vigenere_pruefung.rarBasic test of Vigenere s Algorithm
  • n1.rarthe attached file contains backpropagation code using visual basic
  • nn.rarthe attached file contains artifitial neural network code to solve xor
  • nn_src.rarthe attached file contains artifitial neural network code