VBScript source code download

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  • [assembly language] VB15693.rarAssembly language of the S6700, with VB compiler to support the ISO14443 and ISO ...
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  • [Other windows programs] VB6-DirectX8-3d.zipUsing the mouse to click in 3D space with DirectX 8 and VB (VB6)
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  • [Windows Develop] Payroll3749811262001.zippayroll system control cam be used to control vb development
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  • [Windows Develop] Exercise_2.zipssd4 exercise 2 code.
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  • [Crypt_Decrypt algrithms] rsa.rarVbs type of ASP through the realization of rsa encryption and decryption files t ...
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  • [WEB(ASP,PHP,...)] znzhgl.rarasp version of the smart dirty word filtering system, although there is only one ...
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  • [ADO-ODBC] vbcode.rarOn the database and query browser, VB subroutines and a small number of data exc ...
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  • [WEB(ASP,PHP,...)] bbs.rarThe system is aim to give lookers chance to look or write or search books.
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  • [SCM] TeachyoutouseClanguageprogramming.rar手把手教you use the C programming language and easily learn to single-chip progr ...
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  • [.net] messageboard.raraccess+ asp.net (vb) to write the message board. It is very simple. Using datali ...
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  • [Other windows programs] CheckClientUser.zipCheck the local Administrators group, and write SQL Server database.
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  • [ActiveX-DCOM-ATL] AddCommandPromptHere.zipAdd commnad prompt on any folder
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