DOS source code download

  • [ARM-PowerPC-ColdFire-MIPS] xilinx_ppc_threadx.zip关于threadx的有一本中文书《嵌入式实时操作系统的多线程计算:基于ThreadX和ARM》。 ...
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  • [Game Program] game.rarThese two programs of game by language C。
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  • [E-Books] 2005.rar2005 Collection Electronic Design Contest papers, absolute essence
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  • [Windows Develop] TEST.rarPC interface program, which uses a mixed C and Assembly programming, the AD, DA ...
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  • [Special Effects] wavelet.turbulence.tar.gzWavelet analysis for fluid simulation, siggraph08 papers of the same name code, ...
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  • [Windows Develop] test.rarthis is grib to fortran
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  • [Other systems] mou.rardos mouse Service
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  • [Compiler program] linedatas.rarpower system simulation2
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  • [Project Manage] Text.rarISO 945 standard metallographic metal materials, including various maps.
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  • [GPS develop] TEQC.rarGPS data pre-processing procedures TEQC, including teqc and its documentation, u ...
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  • [GPS develop] PCV.rarGPS positioning of the antenna phase center corrections change. Can calculate th ...
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  • [Speech/Voice recognition/combine] FORWindows.rarHTK under the WINDOWS latest install program
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  • [VHDL-FPGA-Verilog] bitsyn.rarIn the FPGA design, when the received data need to extract the clock when the da ...
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  • [Windows Develop] stencil-openings-Process-Description.rarSMT stencil openings Process Description
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  • [Other Books] eq.rargood book
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