• [Internet-Socket-Network] Intrusion-Detectionl.rarThe article describes a model of intrusion detection is what I translated
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  • [Other windows programs] excel_test.rarquestions excel document, to pass the test you will know the level of their own ...
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  • [Document] maths05.rarThis is a math class lectures, it is good hope that it can be useful for you ah.
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  • [assembly language] traficlight.rarThis is a very good paper, in the hope that useful to everyone. It is about traf ...
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  • [AI-NN-PR] GAandyuzhongsuanfa.rarGenetic Algorithm and Its breeding algorithm, contains many examples and answers
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  • [Other systems] jiekoudianlu.rartms320f2812 tms320f2812
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  • [Other systems] OrderNumForWord.rarAccording to experience, a detailed description of word in the tag, the use of t ...
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  • [assembly language] tf234.rarDesign into the bit and realize or computing instructions to assembly language p ...
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  • [ERP-EIP-OA-Portal] tf334.rarThis is a software design document software requirements test report! Invoicing ...
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  • [IT Hero] ANNASUI.rarClothing brand appreciation operations, Anna Sui brand and introduce the history ...
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  • [Internet-Socket-Network] juyuwang.rarCheng Design Title: Simple Network LAN equipment debugging familiar with Cisco r ...
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  • [SCM] 1_061206135135.rarSingle-chip simulation software tutorial, we will look at, very helpful
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  • [Other systems] 1.rarDetailed specification aluminum alloy heat treatment, very useful, heat treatmen ...
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  • [Streaming_Mpeg4] MPEG4.rarDMIF that the overall framework of multimedia transmission, it mainly to solve t ...
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  • [software engineering] 1553B.rar
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