• [xml-soap-webservice] codeconvert.rarXML or TXT files on the realization of UTF-8, UNICODE conversion of some special ...
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  • [WinSock-NDIS] telnetUNIX.rarRemote Login for more than one SCO UNIX server and a file inside the directory f ...
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  • [.net] wllt.rarThis is a web-based forum system, network communication can be achieved here.
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  • [Crypt_Decrypt algrithms] DiscreteEncrypt.rarPower discrete values with more than encryption algorithms considered irreversib ...
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  • [Other systems] xsgl.rarStudent Information Management System can be inserted through his inquiries to d ...
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  • [Com Port] RS232_1.rarRS232 serial communication is very simple debug tools is done VB
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  • [Kill Virus] kill-AUTORUN.rarU disk can automatically delete the virus originally intended to be used in pack ...
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  • [Graph program] kk.rarImage data read, contrast display. Image display, 16-band show palette
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  • [MiddleWare] excel.zipexcel ole for your reference
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  • [Other windows programs] VisualVBS.rarLearning VBScript good information, examples of a rich learning tool containing ...
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  • [MultiLanguage] ftpvb.ZIPFtp using vb developed customer service end, adapted to the initial learning
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  • [Windows Develop] game_mine.ZIPgame_mine, windows game of mine.
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  • [Project Design] wagemanager.rarSalary management system is a good strong detail design documents
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  • [Other systems] VBScript_reference.rarVBScript Language Reference, the chm documentation on all aspects of VBScript on ...
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  • [Windows Develop] j_12135_zx_tv.rarOnline Network TV (VB version) of this code is to use Microsoft s Media Player c ...
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