• [MySQL] isql.rarisql for acess, sqlite, mysql etc.
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  • [Windows Develop] bacpypes.rarBacNet Simulation Scripts (English). For data acquisition.
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  • [Linux Network] VTS-sample-scripts.zipBacNet ScriptsExamples (English). For data acquisition.
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  • [Other systems] plonebook-zh.rarPlone content management system development manual. Zope can (Z target developme ...
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  • [Other systems] python_how_to_program.rarpython learning the best books containing excellent examples of each (one must a ...
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  • [Embeded-SCM Develop] Zope_program.rarZope development instruction manual. Zope web server for the development environ ...
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  • [Embeded Linux] Python_script1.rarthrough the python access equipment under linux small procedures, Tools used in ...
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  • [Embeded-SCM Develop] YL44B0X_BIOS.rarLong 44B0 procedure code BOOTLOADER
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  • [DSP program] scipy_tutorial.rarScipy English version of the Guide, worth recommending.
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  • [Crypt_Decrypt algrithms] Data_StructuresPython.zipData Structures And Algorithms With Objec t-Oriented Design Patterns In Python ( ...
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  • [WinSock-NDIS] net78.rarnetwork orders network orders network order
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  • [Other systems] Programming2.rarpython Design Guide Volume II classic detailed design methods and experiences in ...
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  • [Game Program] python-elsfk.rarpython in a game of Russian box contains the source code
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  • [Linux-Unix program] Freevo.rarfree TV PVR software, installed on the PC (Linux). Recording can be achieved fun ...
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  • [Data structs] python_code.rarpython source, contains process, multi-thread control, client server simulation, ...
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