• [Shell api] OReillyPythonInANutshell.rarIn the tradition of O Reilly s "In a Nutshell" series, Python in a Nutshell offe ...
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  • [AI-NN-PR] pyfannWin32.zippython data mining neural network python of neural network algorithm to achieve
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  • [Java Develop] gen1.rarGenerate build.xml for ANT
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  • [OpenGL program] Impressive-0.10.2.tar.gzSimple python application to add opengl effects to pdf slideshow.
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  • [Other systems] Python.zipLearning Python feel fine with notes of
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  • [Graph Drawing] gnuplot-py-1.8.tar.gzPython-based mapping tool for scientific graphics
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  • [Other systems] BYTEOFPYTHON_CHN.zipPython tutorial is very well-known classic.
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  • [Multimedia program] mysite.ziprealizacja tutorialu django 1.0.2
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  • [Windows Develop] RenameBatch.rarBatch rename files in that folder name for the serial number, you have options s ...
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  • [File Operate] LinToText.rarformat transmit from lin to txt
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  • [source in ebook] Python.rarPython data structures and algorithms in English
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  • [Windows Develop] decisiontree.rarThis is a decision tree on the establishment of procedures for the python. Entro ...
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  • [GIS program] Developing_with_Google_App_Engine.zipThis is the first release book that introduce develop with google app engine
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  • [Communication-Mobile] smsdecoder.zipfor decoding sms massages
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  • [OpenCV] python.rarThe source package contains the Python at the next call treatment Opencv Videos, ...
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