• [USB develop] USB_Complete_3rdEdition.rarnice book about USB a little bit too windows related
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  • [Special Effects] calculator.rarthis is a good file,which is about motion estimation.I hope it is a help for you ...
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  • [Windows Develop] install_bmfont_1.10b.rarbit map font generator
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  • [SCM] 23063_1235110136.rarRS485,PELCO-D protocol, English pdf , very good
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  • [SCM] 12.rarApple mp3 circuit is soft mp3 article details the circuit
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  • [Windows Develop] manual.ziplibr263 pdf manual in pdf format
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  • [Windows CE] iMX31-WCE500-14-BSP.rari.MX31ADS for Windows CE 5.0  bsp
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  • [Windows Develop] Code.Leader.ebook.pdf.zipUsing People, Tools, and Processes to Build Successful Software by Patrick Cauld ...
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  • [Communication-Mobile] Optus_au.zipiPhone Optus Australian configuration.
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  • [USB develop] Hardware_USB_System_Architecture.zipThe book describes the USB interfase and how to develop drivers, communications, ...
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  • [iPhone] iphone-code.zipDevelopment Tutorial iphone source basis
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  • [Other Books] Refactoring_ImprovingtheDesignofExistingCode.rarRefactoring
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  • [Project Design] JediView_introduce_2008.rarWell-known embedded development, simulation, and download the development of int ...
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  • [SCM] gtretert.rarPIC16F877-based smart temperature, humidity measurement and alarm system design
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  • [Windows Develop] Polar_si9000.rarSI9000 software tutorial, very detailed, I hope the friends of the useful signal ...
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