• [AI-NN-PR] internet.rarmatlab neural network for predictive control, very easy to use
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  • [Project Design] VSC8601-ES-r10-VPPD-01382.zipIt contains.. FBVI30-gerb, 8601-41_EVB its manual and layout
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  • [Database system] UML.rardocumentation about ML
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  • [Communication-Mobile] ListBox_ModelEx_bkp.zipits a Symbian related Zip related to LIST boxes.Which involves how to create and ...
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  • [Windows Kernel] mwrd6.6.zipMinghua MW readers PC interface software programming examples and driver version ...
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  • [Communication Document] profibus_introduction.zipThis document describes the communcation of Profibus DP
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  • [Other Industry] webmap2008.rarGet Map Coordinat by click on map
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  • [Embeded-SCM Develop] COACH8_M_Data_Book.rarzoran digtal camera ic data sheet spec
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  • [CSharp] saomiao.rarImplementation using c# to write asp-source vulnerability scanning applications
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  • [Other systems] u-boot-1.1.4-cvs-mainstone.patch.gzPatch to apply U-Boot for PXA270 with mainstone board. Should be useful to many ...
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  • [Development Research] TotalindexedChineseJournals.rar2008 domestic Chinese journals Indexed by SCI, SCI papers intending to vote in t ...
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  • [Other systems] ITIL.rarIT management training PPT files and industry best practices, as well as the Whi ...
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  • [software engineering] Algorithms.zipThis book manage to show you how you can methodically apply different techniques ...
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  • [Project Design] Lap3Metrix.rarLap Proteus use simuretion
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  • [Document] 09softengeering.rarSoftware engineering, requirements analysis and methods and systems in more deta ...
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