• [GUI Develop] l1.rarOpen photographers, type open the photographers photographers will open the
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  • [Speech/Voice recognition/combine] 0130950696.rarSPEECH AND LANGUAGE PROCESSING
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  • [GUI Develop] Aut0mtic.Spch.n.Spkr.Rcgntn-virTuAlZin.rarAUTOMATIC SPEAKER RECOGNITION
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  • [Speech/Voice recognition/combine] Pattern.Recognition.in.Speech.and.Language.ProcesPATTERN RECOGNITION OF SPEECH USING MATLAB
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  • [SCM] JX-0658A.rarATx a computer power supply design, the use of open Protel99
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  • [Graph Drawing] Cadence_SPB_Crack.rarCadence Allegro SPB 15.7 16.0 and 16.01 of the three versions of the crack metho ...
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  • [matlab] Matlab.rarMoment is the laboratory s source code, including the Newton iteration Lagrangia ...
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  • [Algorithm] neft.rarThe importance of direct methods discussed in the previous work is unquestionabl ...
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  • [matlab] pianzuixiaoerchengfaMatlab.rarPLS of the Matlab source code, hope that we can be useful Thank you
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  • [SCM] Thinghiem.rarmathacad laboratore usings sdk
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  • [2D Graphic] 0291.rarA simple two-dimensional graphics, schematics, nothing special, but the practica ...
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  • [3D Graphic] 0298.rarA simple three-dimensional graphics, autoCAD do table above have dimension
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  • [Other systems] lpf_550_final.rarPassive low-pass filter model, can be used hfss simulation, microwave devices ca ...
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  • [Embeded-SCM Develop] Zyxel3GRouter1.rarZyxel 3G wifi wireless router internal PCB snapshot
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