• [Communication-Mobile] decode.rarDemodulation process, for BPSK, QPSK, QAM signals, etc.
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  • [matlab] gsvpwm.rarSVPWM the matlab simulation model, it just works.
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  • [GDI-Bitmap] usbcleaner20080201.zipMap editor, the paper took a long time to find, please release
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  • [Graph Drawing] MathCAD.rarMathcad lecture outline-傅叔平Chengdu Institute of Education notes the contents ...
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  • [Graph Drawing] CadsoftEAGLE-5.1.0.Incl.Patch.And.Keymake.rareagle-win-5.1.0
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  • [Other systems] Tsai.rarThis code is a two-step calibration procedures Tsai for planar camera calibratio ...
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  • [Other systems] AT91SAM9263-EK_Rev_B.rarAT91SAM9263 evaluation board PCB, with ALLEGO open.
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  • [Windows Develop] potoshop.zipkjh jh moment hj plans and programs after hard plywood plans to plans to
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  • [Mathimatics-Numerical algorithms] mathcad.rar
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  • [SCM] cap-load.rarSwitching power supply with capacitive load capacity of MathCAD estimation proce ...
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  • [Other systems] FlybackDesign.rarA practical design of flyback transformers MathCAD code, Switching Power Supply ...
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  • [SCM] 1820yichsu.rar1302 by some of the more classical procedures, pay attention to, ah, comrades!
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  • [Embeded-SCM Develop] 1.rarPLC to prepare a procedure for what specific time of upload forgotten. Real fail ...
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  • [Special Effects] orientation_point.rarThe algorithm is to strike a fingerprint image of the point of direction and blo ...
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  • [Special Effects] fingerprint_quality.rarThe algorithm used to strike a fingerprint image quality, can also be used for o ...
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