Upload User: ptxinyuan
Upload Date: 2017-03-24
Package size: 34k
Downloads: 11
Category: Other systems
Development Platform: C++ Builder
Detail: this is a POV (persistence of vision) designed with atmega16.
  • struts.rarInternal training on the struts of the PPT files, you can participate in project ...
  • kukud.rar2121
  • subroutines.rarCollection of subroutines for havc
  • lottery.zipSearches a database of entered lottery numbers and displays results of which tic ...
  • disable_windows_functions.zipRemoves user ability to interupt program
  • final4.rarRaised Cosine signal transmission of the curve, or cosine roll-off, sampling tim ...
  • circlem.rarthree Point to circle Python sample- "interactive"
  • line_line_int.rarline to line cutting point python sample with tix- "interactive"
  • arc_arc_int.rararc to arc cutting point python sample with tix- "interactive"
  • Stack.rarStack implemantation in c language