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Detail: It was one repose asp+access (require fso subassembly took the part of ) picture supervisory system that be one s turn system. 1. reclassify Both 2. proscenia whole page spanning html,include net station homepage and navigation column 3. user-defined templet,broke into five genera. Freedom very high,could for each sort,each picture multitude,even per sheet picture page mount different templet 4. sophisticated html spanning function,could solitude spanning each picture multitude,each column,too include complete station spanning. 5. user-defined user-defined label function,spanning hour whole for html,not spanning js file,keep out of js invoke superabundance engender page display slowness. Six. three strain picture stoke mode(high-quality/simplicity/upper biography),picture could lot upper biography up, lead picture stoke still easiness up to. Both seven. could control chart piece multitude index generation picture size and picture borehole pattern. Eight. approve on
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