Upload User: yongfeng
Upload Date: 2013-01-25
Package size: 133k
Downloads: 230
Category: VOIP program
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: openmcu revenue is H.323 server, openh323 and pwlib needs support.
  • sipproxy-v1.0.rarC language and library Osip2 realize non-state machines SIP proxy, and the windo ...
  • openser-1.3.1-notls_src.tar.gzopenser-1.3.1 the latest version of openser sip server-side code
  • IP.rarA good IP video conferencing systems, used VC++ Prepared. Good performance can b ...
  • netphone.rarVideo telephone system source code, vc6.0 platform.
  • sphuiyi.rarVideo conferencing procedures, to meet people at the same time video conferencin ...
  • vedio_source.rarVideo conferencing, codecs, transmission, voice, video, network test source
  • chat.rarJMF and RTP-based transmission of video chat program core code
  • Voipphone.rarA telephone network to test the stability of the test software. Wrote it myself, ...
  • sip-communicator-src-1.0-alpha2.zipJAIN SIP-based platform for the development of SIP Communications Platform
  • everything.GettingStarted.tar.gzThis is on the sip server settings ser source. Which contains a register, databa ...