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Detail: I use a finite state machine in the regular expression is achieved.
  • ADC0809.rarADC0809 VHDL control program
  • PSK.rarPSK modulation and demodulation on the VHDL procedures and simulation
  • 16QAM.rar16-QAM modulation on the FPGA system to achieve the papers
  • QAM.rarQAM system as an example to the design- introduced in the realization of DSP alg ...
  • 4to2.rar4 2 decoder to use to make a choice of more CASE manner similar to C language
  • 8to3.rar8 3 encoder demultiplexer for integration can be easily changed to 16 pairs of 4
  • 3.rarThree pairs of 8 decoder may choose to provide 3-line 8 of function can be easil ...
  • adder.rarAdder computing can 4BIT
  • VHDL_Tutorial_3.raranother VHDL toturial
  • VHDL_Tutorial_2.rarVHDL toturial, vey helpful