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Upload Date: 2007-01-08
Package size: 574k
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Category: mpeg mp3
Development Platform: C/C++
Detail: mpeg-2,mp3 encoder and decoder
  • MPEGencoder.zipMpeg decoding program code. Can play Mpeg files, C++ Development
  • a.rarCan be four to load external sound files wiping cases, the external file format ...
  • isoiec11172-5.rarisoiec11172-5 (mpeg1 audio encoder/decoder source code)
  • Mad.rarMPEG Audio Decoder 0.15.2 (beta)
  • lame-3.97.rarlame-3.97 MP3 encoder
  • lame-3.98b6.tar.gzlame-3.98b6 MP3 encoder
  • lame-3.98b8.tar.gzlame-3.98b8 MP3 encoder the latest version
  • final_work.rarThe establishment of a database management program, and can realize video playba ...
  • MPEG_GUIDE.rarmpeg applicable guidelines, and they hope to get Comrade刚接触mpeg help.
  • aa.rarPC-between with the single-chip serial communication, when to send a string of d ...
  • mpeg.zipmpeg-2,mp3 encoder and decoder
  • bladeenc-0.90.0-src.zipThe mp3 decode program can convert wav and mp3.
  • videoserver-0.6.2.tar.gzVOD system source
  • mp3codecsourceandprinciple.Raron mp3 algorithm on and implementation of the code, divided into hardware, codin ...
  • h264src.zipH.264 codec source code has been compiled under vc6/vc7/linux, otherwise DM642 w ...
  • Mp3.rarmp3 decoder detailed algorithm flow, as well as the mp3 file format specific int ...
  • MPEG-2-TS.rarA comprehensive introduction to mpeg2 ts stream, so that readers can fully under ...
  • mp3.Raru-ATMEL mp3 program includes SCH, PCB plans, source code, etc.
  • ampegsrc.zipmpeg/audio adds the decoding procedure
  • SthPlug.zipProgramming Interface Super decoding player