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Category: Process-Thread
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: examples of the realization of the application multithreading function, which is next two animation indicated the running threads of study is multi-threaded programming excellent materials
  • IPC_shareCode.zipThis process is the process of sharing examples of rapid communication, the purp ...
  • Thread.rarWith regard to the issue of thread synchronization. Including the mutex to creat ...
  • HideProcc.rarHidden process is running in Task Manager also can not see, written by VB.
  • ProcessScheduling.rarC language procedures for the process of scheduling algorithm in the compiler un ...
  • StressMark_TCP.zipa testsuite for multi-thread!
  • pro.rarThe process of monitoring the source code can be created to monitor the process, ...
  • MultithreadingApplicationsinWin32.rarWin32 multi-threaded programming source code, more flavor, we can look at
  • DLL.rardll insert
  • Multy7.rarMulti-threaded MFC simple example, a total of 10, which is seventh.
  • Multy6.rarMulti-threaded MFC simple example, a total of ten, this is the fifth.