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Upload Date: 2010-03-27
Package size: 3645k
Downloads: 2070
Category: Windows CE
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: internal training materials, PPT files, a total of eight documents, the main contents of system customization, driver development, EVC debugging, real-time control, multi-threaded, graphics, pictures process. Absolute authority. The biggest regret is that the E-wen, but I believe that as technical personnel, or should master English. Part II.
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  • WindowsCE_source.zipwindows ce program design book' s source code
  • PinYinInput.rarI have to do the phonetic input method may not be perfect, that master of the im ...
  • ScreenShot.rarscreenshot: wince Screenshots procedure EVC system environment
  • wincebluetooth.rarBased on the Bluetooth serial port wince driver development for the novice drive ...
  • WinceSocketExample.rarwince socket programming ,including server and client!
  • cecapture.rarunder the windows ce screen technology, save the screenshot file.
  • GasPDA.rarPDA for windows CE take a look
  • 2.9_GPIo.rararm gpio description for arm9 GPIO design, as well as the interruption of treatm ...
  • MobileReader.rarUsing C#+ SQLCE developed RSS reading tools, and they hope to help everyone
  • winceSms.rarWince message on the operation of the examples, you can read and save message. P ...