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Upload Date: 2013-11-23
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Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: ListView dynamic portfolio of icon, a master of shared code, we can s
  • WinExplorer.zipWindows Exploer developed by Visual Basic
  • DragDropListCtrl_demo1.zipCan drag the VC controls, arbitrary parked at the window in all directions.
  • Listcontrol.rarLearning VC ListControl small example of the preparation procedures
  • XListBox-control.zipSince the painting XListBox-entry background and text color of the listbox contr ...
  • ListEx.rarComprehensive revision of the list of colors, such as List controls, the use of ...
  • CListCtrl.rarVC programming course using CListCtrl style, extended style, interpolation, or d ...
  • filedroplistctrl_demo.zipfiledroplistctrl list of documents to support drag and drop demo
  • DragTest_demo.rarDrag and drop of a CListCtrl example, we can carefully study realize his methods
  • CListCtrlTest.rarA CListCtrl own custom categories, you can realize in each column add pictures a ...
  • DriveExplorer.rarA use of visual c++ Language resource management, and single-document applicatio ...