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Detail: The source of the conversation program of char set
  • ADOWrapper_demo.zipThis article is based in part on Bob Place s ADO is AOK (a simple ADO tutorial). ...
  • SelfPaintMenu.rarThe project provited a method to realize Owner Drawn Menu.
  • ScrollBitmap_demo.ziDisplaying a large bitmap file on a dialog box, in its original size, is quite d ...
  • WndToBmpFile.zipI have written this article to capture a Windows image into a bitmap file that w ...
  • ChangeTitle.rarchange the window title at any time and make the title text according to your ow ...
  • SDI_Note_demo.zipThis simple SDI Notepad-like application demonstrates how, taking advantage of t ...
  • ComboBoxInToolBar.raThe project provides a method to add the common control in the tool bar.
  • the code realizing KIt is a code realizing Key hook with VB
  • dragWindows.rarThe project demostrates the drag of window without title bar
  • simulator of Mouse athe software is used for operating simulation of Mouse and KeyBoard.