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Upload Date: 2013-04-08
Package size: 11k
Downloads: 2127
Category: OpenGL program
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: prepared by the various graphics opengl
  • [OGRE3D].rarOgre to load its own resources package
  • kinematik.rarthis model human motion for opengl that i found in other source
  • pairs_src.zipFunny pair game ....make your least move
  • glut5.rarvc development environment using opengl snowman paintings, two-dimensional image ...
  • SigGraph.rarOpengl programming based on the change in image coordinates of mobile objects, s ...
  • Teapot.rarOpengl graphics programming based on 16 small teapot on the light reflection
  • Room.rarPrepared using c++ and opengl environment map images based on the programming en ...
  • Hyperboloide.rarOPENGL example: mapping hyperbola
  • Lighting.rarOpenGL scene using simple presentation of lighting effects, you can choose a var ...
  • kildekode.rarmarching cube another to achieve the algorithm efficiency should be higher than ...