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Detail: I write on the image masking worm value of the 131 types of algorithm, please enlighten
  • Code.rarThe Push-Relabel Algorithm max/min cuts
  • StudyRen.rarThe program is a realization of the robot to learn the procedure. The program is ...
  • chap4_5.rarRBF neural network-based identification of single neuron PID model reference ada ...
  • ANN-pid.rarthe source code comments on BP based PID Control
  • GA-1.zipGA
  • TSPsolutions75city.rarTSP solutions under30,44, 75 city
  • lpp_prog.rarFace With LPP testing
  • pso.rarParticle swarm optimization code. Annotated. Can be run. Rest assured Download
  • dpsimplify.zipfor association rules to change in genetic algorithms
  • frist7.rarVB Artificial intelligence source code Fuzzy Evaluation System