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Detail: I write on the image masking worm value of the 131 types of algorithm, please enlighten
  • fgxnrwz.rarVirtual Human slice data partition of the many types of SVM segmentation method
  • cheswithdiffrentsurpport.rarThe field of pattern recognition of common data sets, at different levels of sup ...
  • rstPawlak.rarKey property REDUCT_PAWLAK based on Pawlak Attribute Reduction Algorithm
  • RSreductaprioriregression.rarBased on Rough Set Knowledge Reduction Algorithm and the use of regression expre ...
  • MATLAB.rarmatlab, time series, neural networks, prediction, control
  • internet.rarmatlab neural network for predictive control, very easy to use
  • NeuralNetworkModel.rarNeural network model neural network model for introduction of the definition, th ...
  • neuralnetwork.rarUploaded content with matlab for implementation of neural network theory books.
  • 3.rarA Genetic Algorithm Hybridized with Local Search Operator
  • HOPFIELD_Network.rarWriting with C neural networks, ADALINE, SOM, BAM, BPN, CPN, HOPFIELD, an absolu ...