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Detail: Java Chat Room 2 program source needs analysis business needs a 2.1. Chat with the members of chat rooms. 2. Chat with the members of Private Chat Room. 3. Chat can change the content style. 4. Registered users (including Head), logged. 5. Chat server monitoring content. 6. Server filter illegal content. 7. The server sends notice. 8. Server fashion. 9. Preservation of the server log. 10. Chat preserve information users. 2.2 system function module 2.2.1 server one. Handling two registered users. Handle user login 3. Consumer Send information 4. consumer access to information 5. 2.2.2 users from dealing with the client one. Registered users interface and guitarist Fruit 2. User login interface and results 3. Send user interface for information and the results of four. user interface access
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