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Modem program

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Detail: ZMODEM agreement can download the source code needed to use
  • prorecord.raradaptive anteena tool2 provides best code
  • vb.zipSMS-source cats. MySMS.DLL to operate using AT commands to control the cat SMS.
  • rf_modem.ziprf transmit and receive with PIC18 and ADF7025
  • GPRS_EXP.rarThe GPRS-based experimental ARM7S3C44B0X source, useful for beginners, written i ...
  • smsServer-mscom32.rarThe use of the SMS server mscom
  • CCProxy.rarit is a good tool for your computer
  • AT_command_manuals.rarAT command manuals need to be very useful for people
  • ATNOKIA.rarAT Command list for nokia GPRS modem
  • VPN.rarTechnical introduction to GSM modem technology
  • ADSLJSQ.rarOn a number of ADSL debugger, as many rich, I hope you to learn more, hope can g ...
  • minicom-1.83.tar.gzCommnication libraray supports XMODEM,YMODEM,FAX protocol
  • CND.RarSimplest CND source code, a note found directly linking the serial modem
  • superDial.zipUses the vb develop the telephone dials the number procedure clearly, the signa ...
  • SSM_Stests3.0.rarSends the short message with MODEM, includes PDU the algorithm, is more detaile ...
  • de8681_w.zipCML CMX868 modem
  • vc_demo.rarprepared by the use of VC GPRS communications code can be used to send and recei ...
  • GTM900.rarHuawei gtm900gprs module's internal tcp/ip Programming Guide
  • ZigBee_sys.zipZigBee System simulation source code, in Matlab Simulink Open
  • q2403.rarWAVECOM Q2403A/Q2406 the Chinese user manual for gprs data communications develo ...
  • inspectioncat.Zipdownload other people's cats check the state of the source. He can see very ...