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Special Effects

Development Platform:

Visual C++

Detail: moving target detection and tracking, including Target, matching and tracking!
  • test3.rarCamera calibration, calculation of restricted reference materials
  • edge_detection.rarThe Matlab program is used for the Wavelet Modulus Maxima Edge Detection
  • log.rarlog
  • fcm.rarEntropy value of image processing, a good effect, and we wish to share, and inte ...
  • MeanShift.rarmeanshift
  • jhc.rarFor the simple test OpenCV, configuration is correct, it can run.
  • EM_GM_fast.rarEM-based EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture model
  • Text1.rarFinite element analysis to achieve a three-node finite element analysis, using f ...
  • feikuai.rarYou can set the size of the image sub-block and sub-blocks, and then to block to ...
  • polyarea.rarPOLYAREA(X,Y) returns the area of the polygon specified by the vertices in the v ...