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Picture Viewer

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C++ Builder

Detail: WmSee is one picture view software
  • GDIimage13.rarUsing GDI+ in MFC dialog box shown in pictures, can show a variety of common ima ...
  • JPEG2000.rarIs the image compression process is based on JPEG2000. Relatively simple C progr ...
  • LoadJpgImage.rarWrite their own reading and writing of the JPG files and show that the dynamic l ...
  • duomeiti.rarThe main module of the system must have media player, picture browsing, games an ...
  • readpolygonshp.rarUsing vc++ read face shp file (shp file to read face)
  • readbmp1.rarUsing vc++ to read bmp images to read bmp images
  • webChart.rarWebChart the crack is a version of the dynamic libraries, support for 3D effects
  • read_data.rarBased on the OPENCV picture pixel data read process, a given image pixel data is ...
  • MFC_OPENCV_test.rarA MFC example which is based on opencv .The software evironment is VC 6.0.
  • 3DPlayer.zipLike a friend to see three-dimensional film, please note that now there is a thr ...