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VOIP program

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Detail: 新手必看- VOIP training materials basis for the evolution of knowledge and technology articles
  • RCSServer.rarRCSServer
  • a.rarThe edge of the image features extraction, the practicality of a strong, well
  • VideoTrans--MPEG4.rarVideo conferencing program, including client and server, using MPEG4 format vide ...
  • ns2voip-2.31-070906.patch.gzvoip for ns2.. you can add new traffic/VoIP
  • meeting.rarVideo conferencing software source code, VC++ source code, we can refer to
  • BasicCall.zipSip Proxy for Multi-channel pressure test procedure. The stress tests ReSIProca ...
  • RTPtest.rarDescribed in more detail the relevance of the contents of RTP testing, related t ...
  • voip.rarVOIP Phone principle of the structure and key technologies, a more detailed intr ...
  • Red5Phone.rarBased on the voip phone flex client, back-end is a streaming media server red5.
  • voipshili.rar A set of examples of Internet telephony, SIP-pass solution implemented by DEMO ...