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Video Capture

Development Platform:

Visual C++

Detail: VC 6.0 VFW video capture process, including source code and application procedures, I bought the
  • VIDEO.rarVideo capture can be carried out to capture the camera application.
  • Meansclusteringalgorithm.rarlearn material
  • ejemplitoWC.zipIs a example of using webcam with ActiveX component in C++ Builder. The Componen ...
  • libHairCapture-2.0.0-RC1.tar.gzV4L and V4L2 based on the image capture process, through the preservation of ima ...
  • quickcapture-0.3.0.tar.gzSimple image capture process can be crawling and dealing with camera picture
  • ycspjkxt.rarThis procedure can be run under Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 platform can VC6.0 or. N ...
  • sphyxt.rarThis procedure in Windows XP, Visual C++ 6.0 compiler environment, but need to r ...
  • spbzxt.rarThis procedure in Windows 2000, Visual C++ 6.0 compiler environment through the ...
  • AVI_GRAB.rarAVI files use capture ~ OPENCV development environment for VC++
  • 37724074cpp.rarImage capture code-Matching Motion Estimation Algorithm 5.2 Introduction typical ...