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Visual C++

Detail: vc digital image processing with very good after I read greatly benefit hope you like
  • Boost.rarBoost
  • vcgraph.rarProficient in visual c++ image processing program (Third Edition)- CD-ROM with t ...
  • kalmanintro.rarKalman filtering theory introduced here will be applied to explain the image des ...
  • HarrisCorner.rarHarris corner detection
  • Digital_image_processing.rarDigital image processing: histogram of each image to achieve image statistics, i ...
  • junheng.rarImage equalization, as well as color images of three-dimensional histogram into ...
  • hog.rarHistograms of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection
  • ParticleFilters.rarMatlab source code particle filter, state estimation, do not and compared with t ...
  • matlb_test_MeanShift.rarmean shift based clustering code, using matlab
  • ImageProcessing.rarTo provide VC++ image processing, including the RGB switch to HSV, fingerprint r ...