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Special Effects

Development Platform:

Visual C++

Detail: video frame capture and processing procedures v0.1 demo version : 1. USB camera 2. use Packaging good framegrabber category, three very simple. with a simple real-time edge detection, motion detection function (including demonstration video)
  • wodeerzhihuaAlgorithm.rara kind of binarization algorithm ,up up up
  • takephoto.rarPackaging good number of C-function camera
  • CTSS.rarsegmentation
  • geometry.rarC sharp read read with the bmp image geometric operation
  • dp.rarlevel
  • Thesis.rarpolygon area. This is an algorithm, including the polygon area, the judge in the ...
  • EdgeContour.rarImages can contour extraction and edge detection, Hough transform, image process ...
  • single-face.rarThis is a single face tracking in vc++ source code, I hope this can help all of ...
  • BMP_TRANSLATE.rarThis applet is to zoom into the original bitmap bitmap 800x600 to maintain the m ...
  • ex11cc.rarVisual C++ image processing of a small platform just started to learn image proc ...