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Visual C++

Detail: With VC++ Realize, and eight kinds of super-to-use neural network source code,超好用, super-simple, is my research for many years, they have all been tested
  • abcde.zipartificial neural nets allowed merge aai
  • abcd.zipartificial neural network algo
  • abc.zipartificial neural networkjs
  • ab.zipmerge files to get the output
  • SVMApplication.rarSVM matlab program
  • 6.rarThe mine clearance project of Smart (Smart Minesweeper Project)
  • 4.rarBP algorithm is an example: with a five-layer neural network to approximate the ...
  • 7.rarBP neural network algorithm for C-language implementation- three-layer neural ne ...
  • arithXover.rarmainly to calculate a bit program in genetic algorithm,and attain the corrspondi ...
  • Neural_network_Theory_and_realization_of_program_cNeural Network Theory and realization of program code Matlab R2007