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GUI Develop

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Visual Basic

Detail: essence VB VB API API API VB essence of the essence
  • juyouyixingchuangkou.rarNetwork with special-shaped windows phone, windows programming, you can make Int ...
  • daiweitaohuadong.rarWith slider controls to fine-tune and toolbar, a very special use.
  • toumingweitubeijing.rarTransparent background bitmap subtitles rolling example. To beautify your interf ...
  • gundongweitu.rarIntroduced bitmap scroll through the display, refer to C++ code examples Guinnes ...
  • Skin.rarCustom scroll bar control, the use of a CStatic derived custom control scrollbar ...
  • textview_1.rarMFC achieved with simple text editor, not inherited from CEDitview
  • datadisplay.rardata display
  • caishuzi.rarcaishuziyuanma caishuziyuanma
  • LCDLIBRERIA.rarLibreria para manejo de LCD CFAG320240C0 para 8051, con menus
  • filetree.rarDirectory tree structure to generate a good example, automatically read the cont ...