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USB develop

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Detail: Universal Serial Bus (USB) Language Identifiers
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  • boat.rarusbbot System will automatically delete the directory
  • USB_file_system.rarU disk file system on the introduction, including a very nice FAT12/16/32
  • usbmgr-1.0.0.tar.gzusb port management procedures to monitor the use of usb port and control access ...
  • USBappSamplesCodesRunWithTheBook.rarpublic with codes of the book
  • cycfx2prog-0.46.zipCypress FX2 another simple example of chip-controlled program. Usb.h to only loa ...
  • fx2_programmer.zipFx2 chip example of the use of the program, simple to understand, write, read, t ...
  • Moderm_Final-USB.rarserial ports a simple example of serical ports
  • USBtesting.rarDetection can be visual detection of USB port, there are some very useful drive
  • CH341PAR.rarUSB computer drive will be used to compile, so that programmers can program the ...
  • VCusb.rarA simple, convenient USB detection program guide, which is described in detail f ...