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Detail: traveling salesman problem source code traveling salesman problem
  • Gauss.zipResolve equations for Gauss Method, the source code was writing in Visual C++ in ...
  • ProjectTwo.rarIterative Techniques, Jacobi Iteration, Gauss Seidel iteration and SOR iteration
  • real.rar
  • firfilter-1.3.tar.gzfir filter design in c language
  • svm.rarsvm program for time series prediction
  • Program.rarparameteriaztion of photosynthsis model in Plant, Cell and Environment
  • correlationalg.rarMATLAB language Normalized Correlation Matching Algorithm Normalized correlation ...
  • simplex.zipThis is a program for method simplex of optimization.
  • 820.zipTBA820 amplyfire best pre ampilfire ever
  • sideeffec.rarThis programme is for understanding the side effec.In the above program, the sid ...