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Detail: Computer numerical analysis algorithm for cubic spline interpolation algorithm demo
  • Caculate.rarcalculate the angle ,arc and diatance,it is very doog!
  • FFTProp3.zipa FFT program written in C/C++ enviroment
  • FFTsourceQuachTNgoc.zipFFT soure code written in C program
  • v2n1pF.rarAdaptive Kalman Filtering for Vehicle Navigation
  • fft.rarfft simulation includes inverse conversion is the conversion
  • shuxuesuanfa.rarIncluding the branch-and-bound algorithm, linear programming simplex algorithm, ...
  • Citerativenumerical.rarMainly dichotomy, a simple iterative piecewise linear interpolation commonly use ...
  • interiopointuserguide.rarThe user guide is for the complement to the Fortran 77 large scale routines.
  • voronoi.rarinclude the head file and source code for generating the Voronoi diagram, which ...
  • Numerical_Methods.zipnumerical method ppt for fdtd and computational electromagnetics